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Dollar Tree DIY: Z Gallerie Inspired Mirror

Dollar Tree DIY: Z Gallerie Inspired Mirror

If you follow me regularly, then you know that I have been on a fireplace makeover mission for about a month or so.  I finished the new mantle, lamps and some decor but my feature piece was always to be a mirror.  I don’t shop at Z Gallerie a lot (but I want to!).  The mirrors on display are beautiful and right up my alley but the price was well outside my budget.  Seriously, the costs are equivalent to an anniversary gift – so cray!

I thought I would go to Lowes and pick out a mirror they could cut to size for me but how boring would that be?  Pretty underwhelming I would image.  I was in the Dollar Tree, as I am every week looking for a cheap candle to melt down (wink – project to come) when I found these 5 x 5 mirrored tiles with beveled edges.  They were stocked in the candle section because they are actually candle holders! By the way, I usually use a cute saucer for my candles, but..ok.  Immediately, I knew what I wanted to do and was even more excited that I could blog it as a project.  There are many tiled mirror designs or mirrors with overlays that made them appear tiled.  Beyond exited!

My mirror needed to be about 45 x 2o inches large. I wanted it to reflect off the fireplace but not cover the brick completely.  Those dimensions meant that I needed exactly 40 tiles ($40).  I cleared out the small stock of 27 tiles they had on hand and waited a whole week before they replenished – I couldn’t find them at the Dollar Tree the next town over.  It was right before this 2nd trip that I knew I needed a border and the idea of breaking down picture frames came to mind.  I used five 8 x 10 gold picture frames.  The ones I used had a really thin metal layer over a hard, plastic type foam.  With a freshly sharpened knife, they weren’t that hard to cut through.

IMG_1069-300x200 Dollar Tree DIY: Z Gallerie Inspired MirrorIMG_1069-300x200 Dollar Tree DIY: Z Gallerie Inspired Mirror

The picture frames I used had a lip of about 1/4 inch. This left me to add 1/2 inch to each side of the wooden board I picked up from Lowes (45.5 x 20.5).  All left to do was set up and assemble.  It was so easy, I finished while in the middle of preparing Thanksgiving Dinner for my family.

IMG_1069-300x200 Dollar Tree DIY: Z Gallerie Inspired Mirror

Need proof? Check out this short video on how I did it!

All products used to complete this project is listed below.

Rust-oleum Metallic Bright Gold Spray Paint

40 – Dollar Tree Mirrored tiles5 – 8×10

Dollar Tree Picture frames

Gorilla Construction Adhesive

20.5 x 40.5” Wooden Board

Comment below and let me know what you really think. Do you have a project coming up? What is it? If I have inspired you to transform an item in your space, drop a comment below and send me some photos. Happy dreaming!

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