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DIY: Thrift Store TV Stand to Custom Plant Bench

DIY: Thrift Store TV Stand to Custom Plant Bench

There is a spot in my living room in front of a large picture window.  I call it the Christmas Tree spot! There’s a stain just above it on the ceiling where every year we purchase an over-sized pine tree and it’s pine needles leave stained brush strokes on the ceiling. I love the spot…it’s actually the perfect space for a tree. However, eleven months out of the year, it just sits bare waiting for Christmas to roll around again so that it can feel special. I’ve been trying for a while to find the perfect piece to give it life with functionality. While out shopping with one of my many siblings, we decided to run into our local thrift store, just to see if anything new had come in.  We were in luck, they had just arrived with a truckload of discarded throwaways – the place was packed.

I immediately spotted a long bench or TV stand – I still don’t know it’s original purpose. They priced it at $29 and that was a steal. The structure was solid and it had solid metal legs with 3 perfectly functioning drawers in front.  The stand would be perfect in front of my window where I can display my beautiful plants on top.  I can use the drawers for much-needed storage.  I absolutely loved it.  The only problem was that it had a random fifth leg in the middle.  I immediately thought that it was because of some structural issue, so I didn’t get it.  Honestly, I also weighed how I would convince my husband that it was much needed – but that’s beside the point.  My sissy and I left and continued where ever it was we were going that day.  Later that night, I  just couldn’t stop thinking about that piece so I decided, I would go back and get it if it were still there in the morning.  It was! I grabbed it and brought it home then immediately began laying out my master plan. It went something like this:

List-300x162 DIY: Thrift Store TV Stand to Custom Plant Bench

I grabbed the pliers and screwdriver and inspected the piece for nails, staples, tape, or any other attached debris that will compromise my finish.

From there, the process is very simple. I cleaned it entirely, disassembled, spray painted all over, sanded, sprayed again before installing the new hardware and metal legs.  The process took a total of 2 days to complete and it was worth it.  Now, that bare space has purpose! I love finding beauty in everything and anything can be brought to shine with new direction and attitude.

I List-300x162 DIY: Thrift Store TV Stand to Custom Plant Benchabsolutely adore this piece and the added storage makes it functional and valuable.  For a fraction of what this piece would cost me in a retail store, I was able to save money and enjoy my creative outlet.  One man’s trash right?…

What bare spaces do you have in your home?  Any ideas on how to transform it?  I hope I have helped give you inspiration.  You can find the video version of this post on YouTube at https://youtu.be/UKQkwg4JTfE.  Be sure to like, follow, and subscribe!





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