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Crescent Moon Brunch Buffet

Crescent Moon Brunch Buffet

The timing and position of the 2017 Solar Eclipse could not be more perfect for this homebody.  It’s line of totality includes the western most part of North Carolina before dipping into South Carolina. 

Therefore, unless I travel 4-6 miles south or west, totality is not in my near future.  But that is more than fine with me because I do get to see about 93% of the sun’s surface eclipsed from my own backyard! No need to attempt the traffic-jammed streets or view areas full of pooping dogs and overzealous toddlers. While unnecessary travel and densely packed spaces are not some of my favorite things, good food and family gatherings are.

I took the day off to celebrate this celestial event and created a timeless brunch that you can enjoy at anytime with friends and family.  This special Crescent Moon Brunch is put together in my kitchen and for my late sleeper family.  I did not invite my sister, but she showed up anyway with tupperware…again!

To start the Crescent Sausage Pancakes, I began with my homemade pancake batter…nothing special. No, that was a test, it’s very, very special!

Makes 8 pancakes

IMG_0782-300x200 Crescent Moon Brunch Buffet

3 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 1/2 cups flour

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp sugar

1 1/2 cups milk

3 tbsp melted butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 large egg

I sifted in a bowl the first set of dry ingredients before adding in the wet ingredients. It’s that easy.  As your mixture rests for a bit, go ahead and cook off some breakfast sausage.  I used Johnsonville original recipe breakfast sausage rounds.  Then just preheat your griddle, spray with nonstick cooking spray and use a scoop to evenly pour the batter into nice rounds.  As you finish pouring your batter, place a sausage round in a lower corner so that the batter quickly adheres to it.   Continue this process until all your batter is used. Flip them once when you notice bubble pockets begin to form on top.  Once done, set aside and start your eggs.

I horde mason jars. They are so versatile, useful, and durable that I would convince myself and my husband of various reasons why we should get a few more. I mostly use them for cooking and storing food but I do fill some with nice treats or gifts. Maybe I’ll do a post on some mason jar gifts. Aside from storing food and other items, mason jars have so many excellent uses. I will be using them in my brunch to make Moon Over Eggs.  This recipe only has a few ingredients, so it saves on time! I started by preheating my griddle and placed to the side a stack of lids. By lids, I mean the donut-shaped part and not the flat rounds.  I felt a need to explain.  About 6-8 lids will be perfect for this brunch idea.  Grab your nonstick spray and generously coat the inside of the lid and lay it flat on the griddle.  Crack open an egg and pour it inside.

Digression Alert! One of my older sisters love runny eggs.  My husband prefers them slightly more cooked but definitely wet.  I, on the other hand, will always be an “over hard” girl!  The best eggs are those cooked as nature intended.  Before I go too far on an egg-shaming journey, we need to get cooking.  The benefit of this process is that you can actually please all three types of egg eaters.  Remove the eggs when you feel they have cooked enough for them to remain runny.  Cover them with foil to get the “middle of the road” effect.  And for the aw-inspiring version, flip them while still in their tins and cook a minute or two more.  Set your lovely bites aside so we can get started on the last item.

IMG_0782-300x200 Crescent Moon Brunch Buffet

Cheesy Crescent Hash Brows are to die for and I can eat them all day.  Just like the Moon Over Eggs, you only need a few ingredients and they are good to go.  Started by breaking up pre-packaged hash brown shreds while still in the bag. This will eliminate large clumps to ensure even and easy cooking.  Then pour them in a bowl and add 1/4 cup of olive oil per 14 oz bag.  Then salt and pepper to taste.  Stir to combine your ingredients.  Scoop them onto your preheated waffle iron and be sure that they are spread evenly.  Then grab a generous scoop of sharp cheddar cheese and add it to the bottom section of the hash browns before closing the waffle iron.  Let them sizzle away for about 4-5 minutes, depending on your brand of iron and temperature.  The hash brown should come out in one piece and browned to perfection.  Now it’s time for the grand finale!

Grab your Moon Over Eggs, Cheesy Crescent Hash browns, and Crescent Sausage Pancakes.  To my brunch, I added a bottle of champagne and orange juice for mimosas. I put out a pot of coffee for any all day coffee drinkers.  Now it is time to dine so that we can get set up for viewing the eclipse on a full stomach.

I hope you enjoyed this.  You can also find it on YouTube – search out my name and subscribe!!!

IMG_0782-300x200 Crescent Moon Brunch BuffetEdited by Ashleigh Pickett